Tuesday, 19 May 2015


It's been 4 months now but I still can't get over the beautiful city of Cebu. The recent Sinulog Festival here was the most memorable traditional festive event I had so far. It was a good choice that I celebrate my birthday here this year. So for those planning to visit this magnificent island in the Philippines, here's my top 10 must-try in Cebu!

Ayala Centre Cebu: 
Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines, definitely you'll find rich culture and historical attractions here but one spot you shouldn't miss is the Ayala Centre Cebu where you'll find some of Cebu's delicious food and coffee spot to start your day!

Sunday, 17 May 2015


It's a brand new week again for everyone! Let me post again my monthly Instagram visual diaries for March 2015. Since I need to catch up as time really flying so fast and we only have few days left for this summer month of May. March 2015 was a period of realization for what I have already accomplished this year in terms of travel and personal career decisions. I didn't even realize that it was just the start of more travel adventures, food blogs to post and fashion OOTDs to shoot. 

A singe dream is more powerful than thousand realities. Are your sole dreams in life still burning like fire inside your heart or just about to die out of complications ir boredom in life! Well life will always be a choice, do what you really want no matter what other people say. In this blog post, you'll see the balance I'm trying to maintain in terms of personal, social and blogger world side of me. I'm still the same Dada who likes to explore new food haven, purchase new fashion stuff to reward my hardwork and travel in places to feed my soul.

My next post will be the Top 10 Must-try in Cebu so you better continue to read my blog post for more exciting trips and ideas to enjoy life to its fullest! Aim high and hit the mark.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Fashion: Flight in Style

Travelling in style especially over long flights is so easy but what about considering comfort over style but still making your best look when you travel overseas like Paris or Milan known for their high fashion taste? Let me share you some tips on getting that flight in style.

Last month it was my dream destination came into life to travel 6 Schengen counties in Europe via Qatar Airways for almost 14 hours flight with layover for few hours in Qatar. I knew the need to wear the most comfortable jeans and shoes to free myself for muscle strain and flight fatigue so I came up with this look. 

We really don't need to give up on style if comfort is our priority. By striking the balance for both, you'll never go wrong out of your airport OOTD. First tip is to wear oversized top like this Topman pullover in gray statement for that simple yet striking appeal but still easy to mix & match. I paired it with my Folded & Hung jeggings with the most perfect fitting. I was thinking of wearing shorts but you also have to consider the temperature in Paris so it was a good decision. Jeggings will have that optical illusion as if you're really wearing jeans and with that garterized belt line, nothing will ever be more comfortable than it.

To complete this look, I finished it with my Nike rubber shoes and snap back for a more sporty appeal and with that leather Pandora Givenchy bag, you'll be in good hands once you reach Paris!
I have more fashion blog post coming up for you guys so keep on reading my blog for Europe trip edition of travel, food and fashion post soon!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Travel: 48 Hours in Paris

What will you do if you have only 48 hours in Paris? Check out my travel plans and ideas on how to spend your precious moment in Paris the blogger way! I think it's on the bucket list of everyone. A dream place to be for all dreamers out there (doers I should say)! It just all started as a random plan added with a little courage and passion to reach. By booking a two way ticket from Singapore to Paris, I knew that time there's no way of turning back. The biggest challenge for Philippine passport holder will be the visa application, but by getting perpared and having the right mindset it's just easy as 1,2,3! The next day I knew it's prep time for the actual 11day trip to Europe when I had my Schengen Visa pasted in my passport. 

Paris was way too far from my expectations! From its romantic ambience, architectural wonders and fashion statements, you'll never get used to Paris! In this post, will just show you some of visual diaries to feed your imagination of how awesome my trip was in France. For 48 hours I was able to use the best of my time here. From visiting the touristy spot, trying the best of French cuisines and capturing the best angle of Paris, you will surely love the Parisian lifestyle no matter what! Here are some of my best photos in Paris and on my future blog post will share you the best way to plan your trip, budget ideas and must see places in Europe. Hope you're spendin your precious time wisely like me. Live life to the fullest my dear blog readers.

Saturday, 9 May 2015


The province of Krabi in Thailand is one of the best travel tourist destination in South East Asia. Now with its own airport with international flights available, this summer haven with spectacular coastline is the best getaway paradise spot you should consider on your future travel plan. So let me share with you my Top 10 must try in Krabi Thailand this year 2015.

Ao Nang Beach
Welcome to the tranquil and extraordinary world of Ao Nang Beach. Just simply look at the soaring limestone cliffs, viewpoints, fine sand & that majestic sunset right before your eyes! This is the very picture of tropical paradise that offers lazy days, adventure forays and chilled-out evenings. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Food: Roscoco Chicken Steak House

How's your day everyone? I'm back to reality here in Singapore and still coping up with my travel withdrawal and still having jet lag from a totally different time zone of Europe and Singapore. Anyways before hitting the bed, just want to share with you a noter food blog post from South Korea, Roscoco Chicken Steak House. 

Oh well, nothing much to say about this  restaurant in Seoul as their food menu offerings were not of authentic Korean food to try but selections of Western food favourites like pasta, sausage and salads. But its quality and taste really exceeded my taste bud expectation. Roscoco Chicken Steak House is a must try if you're looking for a lunch or dinner around Seoul area. Stay tune for my upcoming Europe 2015 travel, food & fashion blog post. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Travel: Gyeongbokgung Palace South Korea

Good morning everyone, I'm currently here right now in Amsterdam and the last country for my Europe tour this year. i'm so excited to share all my travel experiences with you soon. For now, just wanna share with you my travel escapade to Gyeongbokgung Palace in South Korea again, and few post blog post and my Korea travel blog will soon come to an end. Anyways, this palace is one of the most visited place in Korea and you shouldn't miss it as it offers the best spot to learn more of the Korean culture and rich history.