Monday, 15 September 2014

Fashion: D'EVILS

I seldom take outfit shots of my daily work attire due to a very hectic call center life here in Singapore. I often ignore my day-to-day style as I usually prefer to wear-upon-my-mood habit when it comes to choosing what to wear except for this OOTD that I really didn't miss out coz this definitely defined my style (Swagger-Boy-Next-Door-Look).

I basically recycle my fave fashion pieces to match my total look and to create a diffrent look from time to time that I'm using it. Like this super skinny jeans from H&M that really fits me well and so comfy too, peefect for days I just consider comfort. the Marvel shirt was gift from my friend based in Cali that also have the best fitting shirt I had so far.

This dope D'EVILS cap is seriously sick, not mine though but I was allowed by my colleague for me to use it for this photoshoot. This limited edition snapback was purchased via some random online shop here in Singapore (hope I can score one too!) I wore my ever reliable Casio Vintage watch  and paired it with anchor bracelets from Aldo I bought early this year from my recent trip in Abu Dhabi. 

Lastly, this outfit will not be complete without my new Authentic Camo sneakers from Vans (great steal from They're having awesome sale with their online shop shoe selections from Vans, Nike SB and even more dope brands too many to mention. Hope you stay awesome and feel free to show off your individuality through your own style! ;)

Fashion: D'EVILS

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dean & DeLuca Singapore

So I finally made it to try the ever so overrated and talked about Dean & DeLuca located in Orchard Central Singapore with my friend Tracy to end up our heavy dinner at Gerry's Grill. We had no choice but to try their popular Belgian Waffle, Red Velvet Cake and Marble Chocolate Shake.

After reading so much good reviews of this food haven and as well with those negative customer service feedback, I will just focus this blog post on my personal first time experience here at D&D. Knowing the best food & drink to try, their Marble Chocolate Shake never failed my expectation as it taste like heavenly chocolatey yummy. Their Cafe Latte was nothing to special at all.

The Red Velvet Cake was so far the best I've tried. Not so sweet, but it's indeed moist and that distinct taste that makes you wanna finish the cake slice in 60 seconds. The Belgian Waffle was also perfectly executed in terms of it's taste and presentation. But the waffles was too hard and the ingredients seemed not to be freshly made. But in total, I still appreciated the place perfect for hanging out with friends or simply having a treat for yourself after a week of stressful job esp here in Singapore. Will definitely come back here to try their rainbow cake cake and gigantic pancakes with mixed berries.

Mixed Berries Belgian Waffle 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Fashion: Get Wild

Black & White ensemble ail never get out of my style. It's the basic yet most effective fashion idea you can never go wrong. Few weeks back, I was able to get my new loved sneakers from COACH Singapore having an amazing 70% discount which I bought for only $102 SGD (Php 3,400 pesos) only. What a great deal.

Since I was so excited to rock this new sneakers, I came up with this look that really describes my kind of style. SO what can you say about this look. Check out more details on my LOOKBOOK account. Watch out for more fashion blog post soon. Stay fashionable & stylish everyone =)

Click here for details: Lookbook Get Wild

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Kelong Seafood Restaurant

Kelong Seafood Restaurant located in Bintan Indonesia offers the best seafood platter in town! Serving fresh delicious fish dishes and also dish out delicious seafood goodies. At Kelong Seafood Restaurant, all seafood is prepared in a simple and straightforward manner. Using only the freshest seafood, as well as natural ingredients, Kelong dishes up great tasting meals with superb quality and value.

Barbecue Medium Package (Rp. 410.000)

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Welcome to Bintan Island Indonesia! I had a short weekend trip in here last month and had the best summer ender escapade. When my housemates told me they got tickets on sale for $99 SGD/ head going to Bintan Indonesia, I said yes right away! 

It's seriously one of the best tourist spot nearest to Singapore for beach lovers out there. So here's a photo diary of my recent trip in Bintan Island where I truly had a blast. Thanks to my housemates for making this trip an unforgettable one.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Asiana Cafeteria Bintan Indonesia

Asiana Cafeteria is a food haven right inside the Agro Bintan Beach Resort that offers not only sumptuous food menu items but also a great deal of value-for-money food selections. Asiana Cafeteria offers nothing but the best of Asian & Western food from Bee-hoon and Seafood Fried Rice to their luscious pasta & home-made cheezy pizza. 

Before heading back to Singapore, we had out lunch in here. If it looks so appetizing then it was fully justified by its taste that you couldn't go wrong trying this out. It will definitely makes your tummy so happy as they offer nothing but the best food items while having the stunning view of the Indonesian beach. Keep on following my blog post for more informative travel, fashion & food blog entries. I love you all!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


It's time for another August Instagram Photo Diary obligatory blog post. It was my second month of instense call canter workload and guess what, all the long working hours & late night shift transformed into fruitful travel escapades and rewarded myself with some fashion wish list items.

August came so swiftly & perfectly fast as I was able to still balance my work, blog & travel life needs. Hopefully you like this personal visual diary of my personal life as a nurse blogger stuck here in Singapore. Don't forget to live your life to the fullest.